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The Viking Kettlebell Club is a group of hard individuals committed to the pursuit of physical excellence.  Using a variety of means, including kettlebells, flex bands, free weights and calisthenics, we train our bodies to be leaner, harder, stronger, and more explosive.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, training for a sport, or simply want to be the best human being you can be, we have an iron way for your iron will.

Contact us here if you are looking for a fun, hard-hitting challenge that will transform your body into the lean, performance machine it was designed to be.

Viking Kettlebell Club was started as a winter strength and conditioning program for Hopewell High School's track and field team.  The athletes who participated went on to have their most successful season in the spring.  Now VKC will offer a chance to extend that season into the summer.  We are starting a new Junior Olympic track and field team to compete in the Three Rivers Association this summer.  Check out the Athletics page for more team information, and the schedule for upcoming meets.
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